A Warm Welcome to UP NEXT-Coaching

Up to the next level with Natacha Camerier

  • I aspire to get more out of my life and reach my full potential. How do I achieve this?
  • How do I gain more control of my life?
  • How do I finally manage to say “no”?
  • How do I become more self-confident?
  • I have a time management problem. How do I solve this?
  • I’m starting a new job and want to prepare myself for this. How do I do this?
  • How do I make the right decision?
  • I moved abroad with my partner and kids for his/her job. How do I approach this challenge and how do I transform it into a meaningful experience for myself?
  • I would like to see certain problems solved.

With UP NEXT-coaching, I will support you, not only, in finding a suitable solution to your problem, but also to achieve your life goals. In this way, you will become the best version of yourself, which will result in more happiness and ‘joie de vivre’. I will help you reach higher! Up to the next level! Whether it concerns a job change, solving a certain conflict, struggling to make a decision, the search for life-balance, a time-management issue, preparing for an international move or assignment, whatever sort of crisis: everything is coachable! My mission is to help others. For this, I draw upon my rich personal experience as a jurist, head of staff and later an expat-partner*, and my expertise as a certified systemic life-and business coach. Coaching can take place at my home in Starnberg (Kempfenhausen) and can also be organised elsewhere. I am equally available virtually (over Skype, Zoom, Face-time…) and over the phone. I am, thus, able to cater to your needs; whether it be in English, German, Dutch or French.

Coaching, what is it exactly?

The concept “Coach” stems from the older English profession “Coachman”. In other words, it is a person who brings you, in a timely and safe fashion, from one place to the other and leads you to your goal. This is still the fundamental idea behind modern day coaching. All people possess the required skills, competencies and experiences to achieve a desired change. As a systematic coach, I support you in finding access to such potential and will guide you to your desired goal. Coaching is a way for you to get to know yourself better, a learning process, with a clear-cut goal, that you decide upon yourself. You will acquire insights into your – often subconscious – convictions and assumptions, through which you will be capable of making more conscious decisions concerning the future. It is my job to create a space for you to think about these things, so that you are able to find a suitable pathway to grant your own wishes. Each client is, in fact, the expert for his/her solution. I will coach you by offering new perspectives, by helping you think differently and more future-oriented, whereby you will develop your own personality further and also start acting differently. Finally, I will also help you think about the necessary steps to execute and achieve your goal. All of this is possible in English, German, Dutch or French.


In life coaching you are central. You create your own personal goal and look for a solution-oriented approach. As a coach, I will help you discover your own personal needs and values, and to transform those into actions. Your self-confidence, feeling of self-worth and self-knowledge will improve through this. New perspectives will present themselves and, as a consequence, you will be introduced to other ways of thinking and taking action. In this context, for example, coaching can revolve around improving family relations, the resolution of conflicts, the search for new professional satisfaction, a next career step, the ability to dare to say “no”, letting go of things, acceptance, decision making, searching for meaning in life, the solution to certain hindrances, the accomplishment of plans and dreams and so much more. Life coaching touches on all the various domains of life and can be employed for private, as well as professional, situations.


Business coaching revolves around work context. This type of coaching serves to support people with a position in an enterprise or organisation undergoing processes of change. In this context the coaching concerns specific problems or situations, such as, receiving a new managerial assignment, the improvement of managerial or leadership skills, accepting new challenges, time-management problems, work-related stress, problems with certain co-workers, solving conflicts, improving work quality… Here, the central aspect is the interplay of, on the one hand, personal goals, needs, values, expectations and emotions, against, on the other hand, the objectives, culture and strategies of the enterprise or organisation.

Expat-Coaching en Counseling*

Our society is becoming more global. As a consequence, more and more people move from one country to another for work. Many of these expats take their partner or family with them. Aside from an overwhelming amount of practical issues, as an expat and expat-partner you are also confronted with the emotional consequences of such a move. You are confronted with the cultural differences of your new environment, and also with integration and/or adjustment problems. In addition to this, the expat-partner has to handle the loss of a meaningful task, especially if this partner was previously professionally active. You have to give a new and meaningful significance to your life as expat. You have to rebuild a social network, which takes time and energy. An international move has an enormous impact on your identity and demands from you a desire to grow and to take risks to achieve a new life-goal. In this area, I can assist you extremely well, as I have undergone this expat-partner experience twice; once in the United Kingdom and currently in Germany. I experienced everything myself and would love to help you with your new life in a new country.

* Expat (Expatriate): person working/living outside their native country